Artwork Exhibition at Rumor Designs Steamboat Colorado

Artwork Exhibition at Rumor Designs Steamboat Colorado

Art Exhibition at Rumor Designs in Steamboat Springs, CO

JOIN ME for the opening, this Friday July 5th from 5-8pm during first Friday Art Walk

*Artwork will be showcased through July 28th, all pieces discounted 10% if purchased through Rumor Designs! Reach out today for more details -
I couldn't be more excited to kick off the summer with an impressive showcase at Rumor Designs, one of the premiere Interior Design firms in downtown Steamboat Springs Colorado.

I'll be showcasing ten pieces throughout the month of July, starting with First Friday Art Walk July 5th from 5-8pm.  From traditional landscapes to surreal concepts captured under the cover of night, I'm certain these pieces will captivate you, some of them sized to nearly 100". 

Most importantly, I'll be revealing three new pieces that haven't been seen before; Outlaw Night, Eclipse Goddess, and Harvest Storm. Here's a little sneak peek below, but nothing compares to seeing these pieces at full resolution in person, exactly what they were created for. 


Female Outlaws ride underneath a moonlit landscape of Live Oaks within Hill Country Texas. This image was captured throughout a 250 - hour pursuit of the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th 2024. The project began in January 2024 when the final concept came to mind. I envisioned a surreal western chase scene, a powerful visual and an ode to a foregone era filled with cowboys, outlaws, and the settling of the west. A juxtaposition of culture during that period, I cast the female riders as the outlaws, painting a unique picture and allowing exploration within the viewers imagination. Within this photograph, Lance and Stephanie Morris chase their twin daughters Adele and Baker, also a planned metaphor of rebellious youth, with parents giving their children freedom to take the reigns and ride off into the sunset.
Having never been to Texas, or familiar with local land owners or equestrians, it took investigative reporting and a small miracle for all the puzzle pieces to align. From roughly 30 conversations and dozens of hours of research, to connecting with two private groups in March on a separate scouting trip, this project took everything I had in me. This image was captured on the first night of test shooting with the Morris family and their horses, a planned consolation image given inclement weather on April 8th during the 4min and 30 seconds of Totality.

*Below is a picture showcasing the two female outlaws in more detail. 

I can't wait to share more about this project. These images were captured in Hill Country Texas within Llano County, a location that has bear witness to the rise and fall of the Comanche's, and gruesome battles between the Comanche's, Apache's, American pioneers, and ruthless outlaws. 

A mythical female silhouette of a lone cowboy stands atop a pinnacle beneath the eclipsing Sun.
When I began pursuing the Annular Solar Eclipse of 2023, I poured over maps and the path of the eclipse, deciding the Capitol Reef area within the Utah desert was the best location. Originally, I wanted to shoot a mountain biking image, zooming in on a ridgeline and rider to compress the Sun/Moon and increase the size within the frame. Unfortunately, the Sun would already be too high in the sky, thus requiring the subject to be positioned on the edge of a cliff, too exposed for a mountain bike.
I started to brainstorm. A lone hiker would be much easier to position on a ridgeline, however it would be a basic concept. Finally, my imagination brought me to my love of western culture, and the beauty of female form. Female energy is often associated with the Sun and Moon, and pairing those elements would tell a beautiful story. This project took nearly 100 hours to complete, involving dozens of hours of planning, days of scouting, rehearsing body positions, and marking X’s in the sand (indicating where I needed to be as the sun moved throughout the eclipse). The model also had to precariously pose on the edge of a 200ft cliff for over an hour, while I shot directly into the sun from below, a backlit scene graced with a sheet of thin passing clouds.

*Below is a picture showcasing more detail within the image. 

Building within the plains of the Yampa Valley Basin, a powerful August storm collides with the Sleeping Giant under the cover of night. The pursuit of this image took nearly a dozen attempts during a short period when ready-for-harvest hay bales were perfectly positioned for an aesthetic composition of a classic Routt County scene.

For many years I’ve wanted to capture a unique photograph featuring the Sleeping Giant and lightning strikes. In late July of 2023, this field showcased hay bales ready for harvest, and perfectly placed for an aesthetic composition. Over the course of the following two weeks, I ventured out to the location 10 times pursuing the perfect shot, aware the hay bales might be harvested and disappear any day. On this evening, I noticed a dramatic storm rolling into the valley, and rushed out to the location. Quickly setting up my equipment, I braced myself for the storm. When it hit, the wind was so powerful it was hard to keep the camera weighted down to capture a still image. With lighting strikes surrounding me, I hovered beside my camera attempting to shield it from sheets of rain and wind. Completely drenched, during the mayhem I managed to capture this 30 second exposure, barely avoiding water damage to my equipment.

*Below is a picture showcasing more detail within the image. 

Join me this Friday and learn more about my work! Light refreshments will be served during the Art Walk, and Rumor Designs also features a full service coffee shop.

Reach out today if you'd like to schedule a private walk through, discussing artwork styles in person, and which styles will elevate your interior space!

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