Donating 2% of artwork sale proceeds...

to organizations that protect wild places, empower youth, and educate our communities.

Why Give Back?

       Our natural resources give us literally everything, isn't that wild :). From clean water and plants that give all life nutrients, to the chemical compounds that form the everyday products we use, each business regardless of industry relies on our natural world.

       Personally, I've always wrestled with the contributions of my existence, analyzing my consumptions, and wondering if I'm just another weight on the world, harvesting and profiting. While enjoying outdoor activities, one quickly learns the importance of the phrase "leave it better". It's a simple concept. For me, it first resonated while enjoying backcountry campsites, performing a sweep of the site upon packing up camp to pick up any micro-trash or perhaps improve the fire ring.  Just think what this world would be if we approached every situation in this manner.

       As a photographer, it takes a lot of experience to capture these natural environments, attempting to showcase their true magnificence. However, the ultimate question therein lies; What am I doing to give back to these environments that have given me so much? Am I exploiting them, capitalizing upon the beauty of nature and calling it my own, improving my life just-in-time for the next generation to come along and do the same – or, will I utilize my platform to inform, educate, and raise awareness that will inspire others to protect these wild places?

       For an individual to care about the environment around them, they must first form a bond with nature to understand it’s true value. It’s simple. Outdoor recreation and creative hobbies are a life necessity, and true change lies within youth, changing our patterns from a ground level.

       Although I'm often overwhelmed with my personal lack of action, I'm confident this is a small step I can take, and I'm excited to see where it leads. The following organizations are focused on protecting wild places, providing access to those without, and educating our communities and youth about the importance of these areas and the peace that can be found within.


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