Exploring the Badlands - South Dakota
Within the empty space lies a silent friendship however, a bond with the environment. This bond requires no words, no explanation. Although intimidating, these environments often provide peace and clarity, in a strange way I feel acceptance in a way no human could ever offer. Overwhelmed by the power of nature, one must respect it's power, accepting vulnerability. There's simply no choice but to comply, eliminating the ego and replacing it with a foundational awareness. Extreme environments only accept humility, and through submissiveness, a bond is born of mutual respect, a companionship that guides safe passage. 
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Website launch & new blog, WETZEL in the WOODS!
My primary goal of this blog is to provide value to you, showcasing unseen work (thousands of beautiful images that don't typically see the light of day), new locations, behind the scenes moments, and details of the next big imagery pursuit. Within each post you'll be able to drag and drop the imagery to create desktop backgrounds...and I'll also periodically provide some exclusive artwork discounts to my newsletter/blog subscribers :). 
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