Bryce Canyon National Park - Top 10 Winter Landscape Photographs

Bryce Canyon National Park - Top 10 Winter Landscape Photographs

In January of 2021, a huge winter storm was headed for Southern Utah. Knowing ski traffic in the Cottonwood Canyons would be insane, I opted out and headed for Bryce Canyon National park to celebrate my birthday in style.

Arriving in late twilight, I entered the park to get eyes on the conditions, absolutely dumping, I couldn't have timed this trip better. With the storm set to clear overnight, I knew the next morning would be one of the most important pursuits of the trip. Within darkness I woke up to over 18" of fresh snowfall blanketing a surreal desert landscape. Over the course of 5 days, I worked my ass off in the cold and wind, shooting sunrise, scouting locations with mid-day hikes, shooting sunset, and most evenings rallying after a quick meal to hike back in and shoot within the middle of night. Words can’t describe how beautiful the scenery is, it’s literally a sensory overload with so much contrasting color.

Here are my Top 10 Winter Landscape Images from Bryce Canyon National Park:


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10. "Estranged Figures" / ISO 100 / 286mm / f5.6 / 1/500sec"Estranged Figures". Winter Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park are overshadowed by a backdrop of snow covered ridgelines in the late afternoon light.

9. "Winter Queens" / ISO 100 / 124mm / f5.6 / 1/400 sec

"Winter Queens" Winter sunrise graces the Queens Garden within Bryce Canyon National Park Utah.

 8. "Backdrop of Inspiration" / ISO 100 / 248mm / f7.1 / 1/320sec

 "Backdrop of Inspiration" Winter hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park glow in the late afternoon sunlight overshadowed by a background backlit snow covered ridgelines.

7. "Passing Time" / ISO 100 / 20mm / f5.6 / 172 Seconds "Passing Time" Winter hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park stand still as a night sky passes above.

6. "City of Pinnacles" / ISO 100 / 114mm / f5.6 / 1/400sec – 10 Frame Vertical Panoramic

"City of Pinnacles" A sea of winter hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park tower in front of a backdrop of snow covered ridgelines within the morning light.

5. "Desert Temple" / ISO 200 / 330mm / f5.6 / 1/125th sec – 4 Frame Panoramic

Desert Hoodoos blanketed in snow bask in the warm glow of sunset within Bryce Canyon National Park Utah.

 4. "Silent City Majesty" / ISO 100 / 16mm / f13 / 1/200sec – 6 Frame Vertical Panoramic

Desert Hoodoos blanketed in fresh snow bask underneath a spotlight of mid-day winter light at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

3. "Thors Kingdom" / ISO 100 / 100mm / f5.6 / 1/320sec – 4 Frame Panoramic

Thors Hammer a iconic desert Hoodoo formation within Bryce Canyon National Park, basks in warm sunrise light on a cold winter day in Utah.

2. "Hoodoo Star" / ISO 100 / 16mm / f13 / 1/80th sec – 6 Frame Vertical Panoramic

Blanketed in fresh snowfall, a singular desert hoodoo casts a shadow in the late afternoon sun, with the sun positioned on the top of the spire creating a sun star above the hoodoo, surrounded by a surreal landscape of orange rock within Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

1. "Dawn of Inspiration" / ISO 100 / 16mm / f11 / 1/5th sec – 5 Frame Panoramic"Dawn of Inspiration". Brilliant hues of pink and orange grace the snow-covered desert hoodoos while overlooking Bryce Canyon National Park, on a cold winter morning in Utah.



  • Richard Witty

    Oh man, these are stunning! Makes me accept the incoming snow with excitement

  • Kim Kerr

    Ahhhh…these evoke such a peaceful smile. Thank you for sharing you work with others.

  • Marsha Palmer

    So amazingly beautiful Noah! Thanks for doing what you do so that the rest of us can see the beauty through your eyes!

  • john walker

    what a treat to see this photos first thing sunday morning Noah. thank you and lets go ski!

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