Website launch & new blog, WETZEL in the WOODS!

Website launch & new blog, WETZEL in the WOODS!

Welcome! For nearly two years (June 2021 – March 2023) I didn’t share any of my work. During that time, I was busy chasing new imagery, but the majority was dedicated towards revamping my business. I’m so excited to launch this new gallery website and get back to sharing my work. This new platform will be immersive and informative for the viewer/artwork buyer, streamlining the process and providing me the opportunity to spend more time in the field... creating.

My primary goal of this blog is to provide value to you, showcasing unseen work (thousands of beautiful images that don't typically see the light of day), new locations, behind the scenes moments, and details of the next big imagery pursuit. Within each post you'll be able to drag and drop the imagery to create desktop backgrounds...and I'll also periodically provide some exclusive artwork discounts to my newsletter/blog subscribers :). 

So much goes into conceptualizing and capturing unique imagery. Sometimes it takes years for an idea to materialize, dedicating over 100 hours and thousands of dollars to pursue one photograph that will tell a different story. I couldn’t be more excited to share aspects of the process, humor within the challenge, and the passion that drives each mission. 

Thank you so much for your support, I wouldn’t be where I am without your help! Stay tuned!

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