We utilize the finest of art papers for our prints. The Somerset Velvet Watercolor Paper is a 255 GSM traditional velvet surface watercolor paper with a 100% cotton rag. This is a beautiful natural-white paper with a very subtle texture, perfect for showcasing rich detail and saturation without the glare when comparing to traditional luster or metallic photo papers.

*Print Handling & Framing Instructions:

Do not remove the print for personal inspection upon arrival. Please consult your local framing expert when you're ready to frame, thus preventing creases and scratches.

Each print includes a white border that can either be matted over during the framing process, or a portion of the border utilized to your liking. Typically a double matte of varying thickness acheives the best framing results, matting over the white border edge. Regardless, consult your local framing expert to acheive the best results.

*Showcase the piece in a well lit area, and never display in direct sunlight for archival longevity.

Deckled Edge Prints

With the addition of a 3/4" white border with torn deckled edge, you can showcase your framed print with even more elegance. This print style must be framed differently to showcase the unique edge. Either pressed in between two sheets of glass in a frame, or utilizing our favorite method, a pedestal mount, allowing the print to appear like it's floating behind the glass within the frame.